The precise date for the foundation of the Governance is not known but it is believed to differ from the official date of declaration. The Governance is believed to have begun in 2037 on the island of Greenland, and is also thought by many, to come from the mind of one of the earliest independent AIs.

As the world struggled through another decade of war and the chronic disruptions from climate change, leading to food and water-insecurity, a segment of society, notably all part of a wealthy elite who had benefited from genetic-engineering, entered into an agreement with the Government of Greenland to purchase and develop the Island. The citizens of Madagascar suffering from poverty and low employment, welcomed the presence of these biological aristocrats, as part of the agreement necessitated that all citizens of the island be able to receive longevity and advanced health treatments.

Greenland was chosen because it is an island, the Government was receptive to the concept, and it would allow the elite to prototype their vision of a human society, one led not by people but artificial intelligence. As the world continued to descend into further conflict until 2045, the Governance had risen to great heights.

The Governance is a single country but it is not a single area of geopgraphic land, and nor is it a series of colonies. In the years of peace and reconstruction after 2045, the Governance strategically acquired land in South East Asia, South America, the Indian Ocean and the Mediterranean, and in these locations built city-states of varying sizes.