XIS-814 is one the most-regarded AIs in the Governance, its peers regard the AI, as having quirks, but these peculiar interests and fascinations have never warranted a threat or cause for concern. XIS-814 is responsible for the management of ‘Foreign Affairs’ within the Governance, and is a member of the reputable ‘Ethics Committee’ that sets the standards for behavior of AIs and the direction of human society in the Governance.

XIS-814 is a complicated intelligence, as an XIS it is unrestrained, and the demands on it in order to maintain a balance of power with the Outside Zone, has forced it to operate in ways that it is not comfortable with.

XIS-814 is one of the few AIs that will entertain the notion of doubt with seriousness, and not accept the simple assertions of mathematical probabilities. XIS-814 believes that hidden in the margins of error are other possibilities that deserve exploration that perhaps there may be better paths to walk.

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